Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New to DVD - 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

This was a film that I was highly anticipating seeing. I had heard a few of the local radio personalities speak very highly of this film. As were there quite a few people at work that told me how hilariously funny it was. And now that I think back on the people that told me that... they also felt the same way about 'Pineapple Express'. So now I see why I was so disappointed with this film. Not that it didn't have its moments, it just wasn't all that funny. The story line had a pretty good premise, and the acting was fairly good... the jokes just, well... weren't funny. It was a great idea to have a girl dump her guy, guy tries desperately to get away so that he can get over her... and just can't seem to get away.

The lead role of the film was played by Jason Segel, who also happened to be the writer. I guess he felt that since he wrote the screenplay, that he could portray the lead role the best. Well I am sorry, but that was a terrible mistake. In fact, in my opinion, the reason that this movie was so incredibly AVERAGE was because of the average acting job performed by Segel. I found most of the supporting cast to be quite quirky and contributed more than their fair share of laughs. A few notables were Jonah Hill ('Superbad' and 'Knocked Up') Davon McDonald (from 'Drilbit Taylor') and both had some gems that they added to the film.

The person who absolutely stole the show for me was Russel Brand who plays the role of the new boyfriend. This guy is hilarious! The character, Aldous Snow, is a very pompous music artist who is the definition of being full of oneself. Almost every time he was on the screen there was laughter to be had.

All in all the movie left a little bit to be desired. It had some funny moments, but overall, it was quite mediocre. It is worth seeing, but not worth spending money on in my eyes. So if you get a free code from the Redbox and 'Iron Man' is already rented... then go ahead and pick it up.

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Amani Roberts said...

Now now ... love the new consistency in posts first of all. I liked this movie alot but what really got me was the whole marketing of the film leading up to its release. The billboards around town and the myspace page were genius. I thought the movie was very good and I also loved Russel Brand, Jonah and the girl (from that 70's show) who played the girl trying to capture his heart.

For all the funny movies released this year, I think this one was the best. (Note, I have not seen Tropic Thunder yet).

Good review. Keep it coming. Might I suggest the new movie with Anne Hathaway that was released this week. It is getting Oscar Buzz.