Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now in theaters - 'Eagle Eye'

I have been kind of awaiting this one since seeing the preview. I was told by a buddy of mine that it was just too unrealistic as far as the action scenes went, but I was still pretty eager to see it. And I must say, I enjoyed it. I can definitely see how someone could get upset at the outlandish action sequences though. There were a few scenes that just went overboard and the storyline did seem to go just a tad past the believable threshold. But then again, why do we go to see movies? When you go to see a movie like this, you already know what you are gearing up to see. You don't go see 'Die Hard' and get upset at John McClaine knocking helicopters out of the sky with police cars. You don't go see 'Deja Vu' and question if the technology is believable. You just sit there and allow yourself to escape reality for the next two hours. And I think this film did a decent job of doing that.

One reason that I was able to enjoy the film was because of the acting job of Shia LaBeouf. If you are asking yourself "who???", it's the little kid from 'Holes'. You know, the boy in 'I, Robot'. Okay, okay, the boy in 'Transformers'. You may not know the name, but I'm sure you know the face. This little guy has really matured on screed and I think he has the ability to continue moving forward. In a film that boasts powerhouses like Billy Bob Thorton, Rosario Dawson and Michael Chiklis... to have the best performance of the group speaks volumes. Granted, he had the most opportunity to capture us, but it's still good to outshine actors of that caliber.

I agree with my buddy that there was a lot of outlandish moments, and to be honest, at times the storyline just gets downright out of hand. They could have eased off a tad and still had an action packed film. There were a few sequences that really could have been toned down. But again, it wasn't so terribly over done that it made the movie unbearable.

This movie had a lot of elements that will remind you of other movies. This was almost like an up to date version of 'Wargames' with some 'I, Robot', 'Live Hard, Die Free' and 'Enemy of the State' all tossed into the pot. Was the movie great? No. Was it terrible? No. It is definitely worth seeing. Maybe not rush out and stand in line and pay 10 bucks, but it's worth a matinee viewing.

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